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When it comes to improving the appearance and acoustical balance in your home, office or commercial property, the staff at Westcoast T-bar are more than ready to assist. Our acoustical services are ideally suited for both residential and commercial customers across a wide range of applications. No matter what your needs, we can help improve the appearance and function of any space. Take a look below to learn more about each one of our quality commercial and residential services, and how we can apply our 30 years of industry experience to your project.

T-Bar Ceilings

 Ideal for basements and any area where you want to hide any unsightly wires, pipes or unfinished ceilings. In addition to improving the appearance of a space, these dropped ceilings can vastly improve the acoustics as well. We offer a solid selection of colours and styles for out T-Bar ceilings which can suit virtually any existing decor scheme. Whether you want to de-clutter the look of your basement by hiding ugly pipes and insulation in the ceiling, or you want to cut down on the echo in your commercial office space, a T-Bar ceiling from Westcoast T-bar can be the perfect option.

Acoustic Wall Panels

These panels make a great option for people looking to cut down on the amount of noise in a given space. Since sound easily bounces off of dense, solid, flat surfaces, it is no wonder why echoes and vibrations are so common. By adding a series of strategically placed acoustic wall panels to the classroom, office space or even your home theatre, you can drastically reduce the noise and reverberations that otherwise emanate from the space in question. These wall panels can actually absorb a large amount of sound as it bounces off the wall, meaning more peace and quiet for those around you. Available in a wide selection of colours and styles, Westcoast T-bar has an acoustic wall panel suited for practically any space.

Theatre Room Sound Control

Growing up you might have dreamed of the day when you could install a theatre right in your own home. You probably have already thought of the kind of speakers you'll have to accompany your big screen projector, but you may not have considered how you'll keep that big movie theatre sound from echoing throughout the rest of the house. Fortunately, at Westcoast T-bar, we specialize in theatre room sound control. No matter what size your home theatre happens to be, we can make it easy to get big movie theatre sound quality without disturbing other areas of the house. If you're ready to upgrade or install a home theatre, be sure to consult the sound experts at Westcoast T-bar!

Metal Linear Ceilings

Improve the appearance and sound absorption of any exterior space at home or at work by adding an  expertly designed and crafted metal linear ceiling. Ideal for parkades and plenty of other interior and exterior applications, metal linear ceilings offer superior sound absorption as well as an elegant, futuristic appearance. We have a great selection of metal ceiling planks that are available in different lengths and widths as well as colours and styles. Whether you want to improve the look of a covered outdoor area, or cut down on the noise level reflecting from outside, a linear metal ceiling can be the ideal option.

Wood Linear Ceilings

For a classic, rustic appearance at home or at your place of business, there are few better options than a wood linear ceiling. These warm, inviting styles can really bring out the rustic appeal of any space. In addition to their superb finish, wood linear ceilings can also offer some sound absorption when applied to the right space. With help from our acoustical design experts, you can get the best of both worlds when it comes to a classic wood finish and sound control that you can notice.

Seismic Upgrades to Ceilings

At Westcoast T-bar we have spent more than 30 years creating solid, durable finished ceilings that are designed to stand up to even the most stringent seismic requirements. While earthquakes aren't as common in BC as they are elsewhere on the West Coast, they are still a reality for home and business owners. As requirements for new and existing buildings continue to get more and more strict, the need for seismic improvements has definitely risen. That is why we are committed to offering comprehensive seismic upgrades for ceilings that will meet or exceed today's safety standards. If you are considering a major build or renovation, be sure to inquire about seismic upgrades to your ceiling with Westcoast T-bar.

Re and Re of Old Ceilings

Before you start thinking about improving your old ceiling, you might consider starting from scratch with a brand new acoustical ceiling. At Westcoast T-bar, we will be more than happy to assist with every aspect of removal and replacement of your old ceiling. In some cases, we can restore the function and appearance of an existing ceiling, but we will be prepared to remove and replace any parts of the ceiling which may require drastic improvements. By the time we are finished, you will have a ceiling that looks just like new again!

 Restoration Work

Need improvements for your existing ceiling? Even if a total replacement isn't possible with your budget or your schedule, we can do our utmost to improve the appearance of your current ceiling. With 30 years of experience restoring old acoustical ceilings to look like new, there is no challenge we haven't already encountered and successfully solved. Even if you need some minor repairs conducted on your existing ceiling, don't hesitate to give us a call!

When it comes to acoustical installations, upgrades and repairs, there is no better option in the Surrey and Greater Vancouver areas than Westcoast T-bar. For more information about out quality commercial and residential services, be sure to contact us directly. You can also arrange for a free estimate on any upcoming project by calling or getting in touch via our website today!

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