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Westcoast T-bar and Acoustics

Westcoast T-bar specializes in the planning and installation of noise reduction solutions and other sound optimizations. If you find that the noise levels and reverberations in your space are distracting or unpleasant, Westcoast T-bar has the materials and expertise to remedy your problem.

Not only do we have a friendly team who are experts in acoustic installation, but we also source all of our noise reducing materials at competitive prices — so the savings get passed along directly to you.

T-Bar Services

A T-bar ceiling, also called a false ceiling, suspended ceiling, or drop-out ceiling is an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to hide ceiling innards. A T-bar ceiling essentially functions as a second ceiling, so that all pipes, ductwork, or wires are effectively hidden from the eye's view.

There are also secondary benefits of a T-bar ceiling that goes beyond design. T-bar ceilings also help to control the acoustics of a room and can benefit from noise reduction through attenuation and absorption. They can also improve a room’s air quality and contribute to a building’s overall energy efficiency.


Whether it is a large commercial space, a small business, a school, or a theatre — noise matters. Acoustics may not always be on the top of everyone’s minds, but the way that sound moves around a space can make or break its overall quality. No matter if you are looking to amplify the sound in your space, or make it quieter, we can work with you to achieve the ideal results in a timely fashion.

Westcoast T-bar and Acoustics

If you are dealing with unwanted sound and reverberation issues, be sure to contact the acoustic experts at Westcoast T-bar to provide noise reducing solutions today.

Complete Noise Reduction Service

Westcoast T-bar possess the skills and materials to perform a complete noise reduction service on your desired target area. Echo’s and vibrations are a common yet inconvenient element of many indoor spaces. Our services give sound less space to bounce off of by using specially designed acoustic wall panels that drastically cut back any noise or reverberation.

Not only does this benefit you, but it benefits your neighbors, too, who will enjoy the peace and quiet afforded by quality acoustics. This point is especially useful in inner city spaces where sound can leak easily.

Quality, Professional Installation

At Westcoast T-bar, we have over 30 years of professional experience with providing acoustical services for both residential and commercial spaces. Improving your acoustics not only helps with the quality of sound of your space, but also works to enhance the appearance of your space. We will work with you to find the right aesthetic for your tastes — all the while making sure that the sound of your space is optimized to perfection.